Fridge Poetry

För ett par år sedan köpte jag en set med magnetiska ord
(se: Fridge Poetry) att sätta på kylskåpet. Detta är vad som står just
nu på kylen.

I cry for a thousand mean men
leave my true love for them

I am under the bed
only a mad woman will cry
over some lazy egg head
an whisper with what the wind worship is as pink as sausage hit
death smells sweet summer rain
he wispers about bitter love
when I worship his gorgeous behind

raw blood ache
pink shine
blue is bitter

girl honey fiddle to the black void
to pant moan chant and scream
do not drink two smooth
never go there on a stormy sea why do some gergous girls like mean men
I do not like blowing enormous black apparatus
do you
no but i like to shake my ugly legs on the moon
moments of breast is rock what the wind worship is as pink as sausage suit
purple delicate tongue crush in delirious dream mist floods chocolate eternity
essensial fluff sleeps after luscious dream
sordid shadow urges vision of void

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