Fridge Poetry

För ett par år sedan köpte jag en set med magnetiska ord
(se: Fridge Poetry) att sätta på kylskåpet. Detta är vad jag till en viss
del, men kanske främst mina gäster lyckats knåpa ihop. Ett tack till
dem (tror jag...).

you can scream in the storm
or whisper in the forest
but it will never go away
a As it do telling a friend

symphony of raw bitter ache
pink pantr ant these mooning men
could their bare buts as hairy puppys
she asks him to go true
why think
remember who she is
love is a part of life
so is the sad lie
they like those here at TV club
blood may stop me from manipulating but I still want chocolate cook crying mans smelly meat
then eat two tiny boiled fingers
shake a leg & run out
a dream I have of a girl no sweet
Its like a chain and do you weak
play with her enormous breasts
produce hot juice & some moaning
how mean he always was he licks the knife
after death we must sleep
please be my essential light
Do not only worship my behind
leave the lust by her bed
I say through I say gone
see me sit lazy at lake
luscious woman
you are like a diamond
yet gorgeous as a spring
for thee I will shine as sun
blow like wind when needed
lets incubate days together
but not urge ones picture
beat his shadow elaborately thousand drooling mother
to soar over milk white fluff and show smooth skin rain on some feet
as iron of less
some cool woman read me a true lie always incubate
egg from
enormous red butt
like mad sausage please
he ripped up delicate red dress
and put black suit at top
I am topless godess
I am drunk like an egg
he is a dream gift from heaven
yes leave him with me
gorgeous asses
they like these at TV club
under peachy sky and sun
a word whispering
I never want men dressed ugly
but a man in a blue suit is bloody delicate
you say love is like milk & honey
worship the beauty but love the head
smooth chocolate girl
take her to bed
iron boy wants all of it
eat her from hair to feet
I shoot them together in the winter garden
mean death
sweet music
goddess drunk stare
ask blue butt for time
rob though and watch what drives live in moment
madly love our beauty
here we were
lazy and weak
after a most rain
who may be bitter

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